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Mesothelioma Diagnosis and Legal Issues

Asbestos-associated disorders may not be easy to diagnose and treat. In case you believe you or someone you care about is in danger of developing an asbestos-related sickness, or if treatment has started, it is necessary to get a preliminary knowledge of things to anticipate. Diagnosis In case your health care provider suspects you’ve got Continue Reading

Beryllium Exposure – Legal Issues

Beryllium is a fragile, steel gray metal found as a part of specific stone minerals, oil, coal, volcanic dust, and soil. Because beryllium is exceptionally stiff and lightweight, it’s found in the aerospace, nuclear, and production sectors. Beryllium Exposure Beryllium dust enters the water from industrial waste and the erosion of stone and soil, and Continue Reading

Chewing Tobacco and Smokeless Tobacco Information

Smokeless tobacco may look innocuous as athletes, stars among others have used for decades it. Individuals who have lost loved ones from other cancers due to chewing tobacco or mouth cancer would firmly differ. National Warning Labels: Smokeless tobacco is not really safe that warnings are required by national law on each package of chewing Continue Reading

Cigar Smoking Risks and Legal Issues

Read on for more information concerning the risks related to cigar smoking as well as the legal problems involved. Cigar Smoking Risks Smoking kills more people than AIDS, alcohol, automobile accidents, illegal drugs, homicides, and suicides combined, with thousands dying. It damages nearly every organ in the entire body, especially the lungs and heart. Cigars Continue Reading

Illnesses Related To Asbestos Exposure

After being subjected to asbestos thousands of men and women have developed serious illnesses. Several illnesses are potentially lethal. They are able to also take an important time period to develop – frequently, patients simply start to experience symptoms decades. This short article gives a summary of a few of the very most frequent illnesses Continue Reading

Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act: Overview

WHCRA, or the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, is a national law which was passed in 1998 to be able to offer coverage and specific protections to patients who prefer to get breast reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy. Girls who experience a mastectomy for almost any medical reason, not only to take care of Continue Reading

Cancer & ADA

A national law that many folks have heard of, however do not generally believe has anything to do with a disease like cancer is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). On the other hand, the ADA forbids all forms of discrimination based ; Real impairment A sensed history of a handicap An understanding of impairment Continue Reading

Your Rights Following Mastectomy

For those who have experienced a mastectomy or be prepared to get one, you might be eligible for special rights beneath the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (WHCRA). These questions and answers clarify your WHCRA rights that are fundamental. Under WHCRA, in case mastectomies are covered by your group health plan, the Continue Reading

Medi-Legal Consideration of Breast Cancer

Overview Nearly 10% of girls suffer breast cancer. The next kind include cases where no lump is found during an assessment. Breast cancer investigation cases are not easy to bring an effective medical malpractice case and to establish negligence and proximate causation demands a lawyer who’s not uncomfortable with medical problems that are complex. I. Continue Reading

Cancer Legal Resource Center

Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) is a joint program of Disability Rights Legal Center and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.  The CLRC provides information and education about cancer-related legal issues to the public through its national telephone assistance line. The CLRC also conducts national education and outreach programs for community groups, employers and healthcare professionals and Continue Reading